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Always looking for my next book hangover. Give me great characters with a surprisingly original plot and you got me . . . Throw in action, some romance, and a twist and I am sold . . . .

wow!!! powerful, gripping, shocking . . .

Missing - Drake Braxton

wow!!! powerful, gripping, shocking.
well written, well executed. great pacing.
and i never saw it coming! no spoilers here, you are going to have to read this yourself!

what i liked . . .
great characters. depth and development was great.
the plot . . . holy cow! this is so wonderfully ORIGINAL. the details are fantastic.
the plot twists are shocking and most unexpected.
i laughed, i cried, i pleaded with characters . . .then, i cried some more. i rejoiced.

what didn't work for me . . .
nothing . . .can't think of what i would want to have been different . . .
ok, maybe it could have been longer, but ONLY because i didn't want it to come to an end . . .

it is an emotional one. the issues tackled in this work are tough on the heart strings and the mind.

nested in there is a commentary about marriage. same sex marriage. so often those who oppose marriage equality are under the bigoted delusion that the love and commitment shared in a same sex relationship is somehow different than a mixed sex relationship. the pain, stress, and anguish blaine feels when manny is missing is so palpable. so raw. anyone who has ever loved cannot help but be drawn in.

i knew from reviews/recommendations that the book was different . . . not a romance, but yes . . . i can't quite pick a genre for this . . .just a great story that was well executed. i look forward to more from this author. this was his debut book!

Update Sept, 2013....this has been optioned as a film!!!!!! Cannot wait to see this in theaters!!!!