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Always looking for my next book hangover. Give me great characters with a surprisingly original plot and you got me . . . Throw in action, some romance, and a twist and I am sold . . . .
Filth - M. King
"You don’t run away from home, once you find it.

A perfect crocus, flattened and torn.

letting his mind wander around the empty places inside of himself

He thinks Toni’s a lot like broken glass, or maybe a crystal vase just at the point of breaking, right before it loses its form and the echoed shape of itself.

P.18... ; the hot shadow that blocks out the things that scare him ...

P. 29: It was the kind of femininity that is defiant in its queerness, an expression of genderfuckery

Words hurled all around the place like knives, screaming and ranting, sharpened and intended to cut.

of course, as Kel reminds himself, it wouldn’t be changing everything, because Toni is Toni, and if this is who he is, then it’s who he’s always been.

every wound calculated to inflict maximum damage.

They can get through most things by just not talking about them.

Danielle..... "she regards other people’s uncertainty—Kel’s uncertainty, definitely—as weakness, on account of the fact she really doesn’t understand it."

Toni might be a fucked-up little freak, but this is his freak, whoever he ends up being.

Soooooooo many highlights ....."