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Always looking for my next book hangover. Give me great characters with a surprisingly original plot and you got me . . . Throw in action, some romance, and a twist and I am sold . . . .
Static - L.A. Witt
Wouldn't it be GREAT if the opposite could happen?? That we could MAKE a chip that would enable gender shifting seamlessly??? But reality bites . . . 

Great character development. I could feel each characters struggle.
I was yet again angered by the vitriol in our society toward gender identity. 
Parents. Ugh??? No matter the Number of times I read about parents like these, it never fails to sicken me. People like this exist. MANY of them. Too many. 
What can we do as a society to make parenting like this unacceptable??? Where is the societal uproar over SHITTY parents like this that do not deserve their kids??? Ugh. 
The workplace. Need to chat with my HR executive buddies about this .....
I cheered at a sex scene!! Actual cheering, for both of them. One with the courage to let go, one finally being themselves. 
Great story arc.
Bonus points in my book for the spinal headache description. Damn, those hurt....madness inducing hurt.
Some of the elements were so sweetly wrapped up, it made for a nice of dose of sweet after all the angst.

This is a nice romantic story that will enlighten many on the struggles of transgendered people. 

THANK YOU to Sheri at boysinourbooks for rec'ing this to me. Sheri, let's chat later today about this!!! 

After reading this one, PLEASE read Filth. This book is a much darker look as the trans journey. I have had the pleasure of buddy reading it a couple of times with fellow GR reader and reviewer, Ilhem and Laura. It has recently been rereleased by dreamspinners.