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Always looking for my next book hangover. Give me great characters with a surprisingly original plot and you got me . . . Throw in action, some romance, and a twist and I am sold . . . .
Brutally Beautiful  - Christine Zolendz
At least 4 stars . . . 

This author writes damaged characters like no one else.
And she can write a female lead that I LIKE!!! No whiny damsel in need of a male savior. Straight up kick ass gal. Nice change!!! 

Kade . . . Horror. Just horror, one that sadly more and more kids know . . . .

I cannot wait for the sequel. Cannot. Wait.


Not that this is perfect. There were some continuity issues...

but a HET romance I read and did not throw my ereader?? Yay!

sequel due out Feb 6!!