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Always looking for my next book hangover. Give me great characters with a surprisingly original plot and you got me . . . Throw in action, some romance, and a twist and I am sold . . . .

There had better be a sequel... NOW!!!!!

Slide - Garrett Leigh

Great characters. Primary and secondary.
Sucked me in right away. Kept me up until nearly 2 a.m.!!!!!!!
My heart ached for Ash ....
And Peter . . . I do NOT blame him. The dance of mental illness is a tough one. One many do not realize they are engaging in until they are fully caught up.
This was beautiful . . . .
I did sit worried that co dependency and fear kept them together, but was eventually convinced otherwise.
I worried that Ash and Peter would have an obstacle they couldn't overcome . . . 

The epilogue was intentionally cliffhanger-y. but I knew this was a series when I started so that did not surprise me.


was this perfect? no.

do I care? no.


The sequel holds much hope for me . . .but it could also hold much disappointment. I am hopeful the sequel in not about another character but how Ash learns to care for himself. And how Pete learns to love him in their new space . . .without the elephant. Great review.

I need the sequel. Like now. Right now.